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What is the West Sussex Lieutenancy?

Based largely, but not exclusively, on the counties of the United Kingdom, the 99 lieutenancies across the country represent the Crown in their respective areas. In England, there are 48 lieutenancy areas, each led by a Lord-Lieutenant appointed personally by Her Majesty The Queen as her representative.

In West Sussex the Lieutenancy area is coterminous with the West Sussex County Council area. Because many of the roles carried out by the Lord-Lieutenant and the Lieutenancy impact on the work of the County Council — for example, Royal visits, work with the magistracy, the swearing in of new citizens, etc — the County Council and the Lieutenancy work closely together; however, the Lord-Lieutenant has no role in local government and has no involvement in political activity of any kind. Neither is the Lord-Lieutenant funded from the public purse.

In addition to the Lord-Lieutenant, the Lieutenancy has a Vice Lord-Lieutenant and a number of Deputy Lieutenants (DLs) who carry out duties on behalf of the Lord-Lieutenant.

The High Sheriff of West Sussex, who holds another unremunerated and largely ceremonial Royal appointment also works closely with the Lieutenancy, although his or her area of jurisdiction is known as the Shrievalty.

The Lieutenancy is dedicated to representing the Crown in West Sussex, carrying out duties throughout the county on behalf of Her Majesty and generally supporting activities — particularly those involving voluntary organisations — which enhance the lives of its residents.

The standard of a Lord-Lieutenant

The standard of a Lord-Lieutenant