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How the Lieutenancy can help you

The Lieutenancy exists to provide a link between the Crown and the people of the county in a variety of non-political ways: making recommendations on honours and awards to individuals, voluntary organisations and businesses, supporting community projects and generally helping people to be recognised for their contributions to the community.

Honours and awards (see The Honours System page)

The honours system recognises people who have committed themselves to serving and helping Britain and the community. They’ll usually have made life better for other people or be outstanding at what they do. Whether someone gets an honour — and the honour they get — is decided by a central honours committee. There are different honours committees covering specific fields of interest (e.g. local communities, arts and media, etc). The relevant committee’s decisions go to the Prime Minister and then to the Queen, who awards the honour.

The Lieutenancy can give advice on how any member of the public can nominate a friend or colleague for a national honour, offering advice on the completion of the forms and supporting the honours nomination when referred back to the Lord-Lieutenant for comment.

Wedding anniversaries and 100th birthdays (see 100th birthdays and Diamond weddings pages)

Her Majesty The Queen is always pleased to send a personal greeting to subjects residing in the county who reach their one hundredth birthdays or diamond wedding anniversaries (and at various stages beyond). The arrangements for these significant events can be assisted by the Lieutenancy.


Although there is a strictly limited number of invitations available to each Lieutenancy, the Lord-Lieutenant is always happy to accept suggestions for deserving individuals to attend the annual Royal garden parties at Buckingham Palace (see Royal garden parties).

The Queen’s Award for Enterprise Promotion is an award for individuals. It’s open to people who have played an outstanding role in promoting enterprise skills and attitudes. The Lieutenancy can give advice on applications and support applications.

Civic events

The Lord-Lieutenant of West Sussex, Mrs Susan Pyper, carrying out a civic dutyAs Her Majesty's representative in the county, the Lord-Lieutenant ­— while having no political affiliations or involvement of any kind — will often attend civic functions  because of councils' important role in the community. If she is unavailable the Lord-Lieutenant will normally arrange for a Deputy Lieutenant to represent her.

One such regular event always attended either by the Lord-Lieutenant or a Deputy Lieutenant, is the swearing in of new citizens, a ceremony that takes place in Chichester and in Crawley each month.


The Lord-Lieutenant of West Sussex presenting a Queen's Award to Elekta of CrawleyThe Lieutenancy recognises the importance of the commercial sector in generating wealth within the county and, where appropriate, can help to recognise and promote their achievements by attending special functions such as awards for excellence or to support the voluntary sector.

Voluntary organisations

Celebrating and encouraging volunteering, community service and the work of youth organisations is a fundamental duty of the Lord-Lieutenant and the Lieutenancy.

In West Sussex, the Lord-Lieutenant's own initiative — the Lord-Lieutenant's Voluntary Sector Support Group — is actively engaged inThe Lord-Lieutenant of West Sussex visiting a voluntary organisation supporting voluntary organisations everywhere in the county.

As a means of acknowledging the work being done in your voluntary organisation, the Lord-Lieutenant can make arrangements for her or one of her Deputy Lieutenants to visit the organisation. Following a visit by the Lord-Lieutenant or a Deputy, the Lieutenancy can also suggest how the organisation might be included in the programme of a visiting member of the Royal Family to the county.

The Lieutenancy can also advise on procedures and nominations for the Queen's Award for Voluntary Service.

If you think that we can be of help then please contact the Lieutenancy office and if we cannot help you we may know someone who can!


A recipient of an honour

A West Sussex resident celebrating her 100th birthday with a card from Her Majesty