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List of retired West Sussex Deputy Lieutenants

Deputy Lieutenants serve on the active list until they reach the age of 75 years, at which time they retire and are transferred to the 'non-active' list. They are still entitled to use the letters 'DL' after their names to mark their previous service to the community.

There are currently 33 Deputy Lieutenants on the non-active list for West Sussex, shown below with their original years of appointment:

Aston, Mr Tony, OBE, DL (2003) Hopkinson, Mr David, CBE, RD, DL (1986)
Barttelot, Col. Sir Brian, Bt., OBE, DL (1988) Hopkinson, Mrs Prue, OBE, JP, DL (1982)
Bowerman, Mr David, CBE, DL (1992) Hordern, The Rt Hon Sir Peter, PC, DL (1988)
Buckland, Mrs Judith, MBE, DL (1993) Johnson, Mrs Margaret, DL (2002)
Burrell, Mr Mark, DL (2004) Knight, Mr John, DL (1999)
Campbell, Mr Jack, DL (1991) Longley, Mr Peter, OBE, DL (1991)
Collins, Mrs Margaret, DL (2003) Loveless, Mrs Jill, JP, DL (1997)
Dholakia, The Rt Hon the Lord, PC, OBE, DL (1999) Luce, The Rt Hon the Lord, KG, GCVO, PC, DL (1991)
Elliott, Mr Ian, DL (2001) Mayne, Mr Doug, DL (2002)
Ferguson, Mr Graham, DL (2003) Reed, Mr Roger, DL (2005)
Fieldhouse, Mr Brian, DL (1996) Scrace-Dickins, Major Mark, CMG, DL (2004)
Hardwick, Mrs Penny, OBE, JP, DL (1993) Smith, Mr Jeremy, DL (1988)
Hayes, Dr Alan, DL (1994) Trafford, Mr Brian, DL (2001)
Higgins, The Rt Hon the Lord, PC, KBE, DL (1988) Turner, Mr Roger, DL (2005)
Hodgetts, Mr Clifford, OBE, DL (1994) Wake-Walker, Mrs Iona, MBE, JP, DL (1994)
Holdsworth, Mrs Lilian, MBE, JP, DL (1992) Young, The Rt Hon the Lord, PC, DL (1999)
Hooley, Mr John, DL (1991)

Badge of office of a West Sussex Deputy Lieutenant