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One hundredth birthday greetings

Since 1917, the Sovereign has sent congratulatory messages to people celebrating notable birthdays and anniversaries. For many people, receiving a congratulatory card from Her Majesty The Queen to mark a significant birthday is a very special part of their celebrations.

The delivery of congratulatory messages marking 100th birthdays is arranged by the Anniversaries Office, part of the Private Secretary's Office in the Royal Household, based at Buckingham Palace. Cards are sent to those celebrating their 100th and 105th birthday and every year thereafter.

The Queen's congratulatory messages consist of a card containing a personalised message. The card comes in a special envelope, which is delivered through the normal postal channels.

Arranging a congratulatory birthday greeting

The Pension Service informs the Anniversaries Office of birthdays for recipients of UK State pensions. However, to make sure that a message is sent for birthdays, an application should preferably be made by a relative or friend in advance of the special day.

In order to request a congratulatory message from Her Majesty The Queen, friends or family must download and complete an application form (click here to download directly). Please return the completed form to:

The Anniversaries Office,

Buckingham Palace,

London SW1A 1AA

no sooner than three weeks before the celebration date. It is possible to receive a belated message up to six months after the event. The Anniversaries Office will write to confirm that the application has been received and approved.

It is now also possible to apply online at

Please note that if the celebrant is resident in the UK and in receipt of a State Pension, the Anniversaries Office should be notified of the birthday by the DWP. In this instance you may still apply, but will not need to provide documentary proof of the date of birth.

In the event that you do need to provide the Anniversaries Office with documentary proof in the form of a photocopy of the celebrant’s birth certificate, that will be returned to you in due course. You will receive prompt acknowledgement of your application confirming that a message will be sent and returning all documents to you.

If necessary, you can obtain a certified copy of the birth certificate from:

The General Register Office (Anniversary Section)

The Office for National Statistics

Smedley Hydro

Trafalgar Road


Merseyside PR8 2HH

Telephone: 0845 603 7788

Arranging a VIP delivery

If you would like the Lord-Lieutenant to personally deliver the message then please contact the Clerk to the Lieutenancy to make the arrangement. If the Lord-Lieutenant is unable, through commitments, to delver the message personally she will arrange for the Vice Lord-Lieutenant or one of her Deputy Lieutenants to attend.